It is interesting how different denominations have different ways of reciting the Lord’s prayer. There is one difference specifically that sets denominations apart and that is the line: “Forgive us our ____, as we forgive those who _____.

Well, what is it, “debts”, “sins”, or “debtors”? I decided to delve into this as background for a sermon I gave today. I thought the results were interesting enough to talk about it briefly. (See link below.) Here is what I found out.

In Luke’s version we have:  “Forgive us our ἁμαρτίας (sin) as we forgive our ὀφείλοντι (debtors).

In Matthew’s version we have: Forgive us our ὀφειλήματα (debts), as we forgive the ὀφειλέταις (debtors). (

So a literal translation would be debtors about 3/4 of the time. This also jibes also with what I found in the definitive Greek version from Nestle-Aland.

Here is my sermon in toto. In it, I only touch on the translation itself.