This is the first Easter I know of that the First Presbyterian Church is completely empty…except for me. I did my usual morning tour of the building and thought of how sad it is. I have all this space to myself, it is quiet and peaceful. I could do somersaults in the hall and no one would care. But the fact is that we humans are not meant for a solitary existence. We are not meant for social isolation, social distancing. Life is much better when it is shared with others.

The world is making a great sacrifice at this time. Lives are put on hold. Livelihoods are disappearing. Depression is overcoming the isolated.

It is a struggle. But the thing to remember is that we are going through this crisis together. When this has passed, and “This too, shall pass.” Then we will have a shared memory, and perhaps we will value our relationships, our jobs, our freedom even more, because there was a day when all of this was taken from us.

For the present, all we can do is keep alive the connections we have, both with God and each other. Though electronic connections are only second best, they will have to do…for now.

For those of you, which is most of us, who cannot attend an Easter Service, here a link to the Easter Observance and the First Presbyterian Church of Alpena: