I have been doing some server and domain shuffling. The final remains of what I have always refered to as my Internet Empire are finally crumbling into total obscurity. However, it has been a managed decline. I still retain a few domains, but even those are winking out one by one like the lights of a house just before bedtime, or perhaps it is the stars winking out as the morning begins to dawn.

One of the last sites I created, was this one. But it was created for personal use so I plan on retaining it as I go forward. The reason for the move is that I just let a server die and some fifteen or so websites went with it. Most of them were on home improvement, drywallhowto.com, windowhowto.com, etc. They reflected my interests and my sense of business at one time, nearly twenty years ago now.

As you can see, I am waxing a bit melancholy about this. For me it is the end of an era. And what really sparked these melancholy thoughts was that I did some editing of the WordPress Theme using some ancient HTML. It was like old times for a few minutes.

You know WordPress really is an amazing program. So much easier than all the hardcore coding that I did in the Nineteen Nineties. It certainly looks better, too. So porting it from its own server to a new cheaper server associated with a new domain proved to be relatively easy. But I am sure it helped that I have some experience with servers, domains and coding. I just kept following instructions and it got me from there to here.

Yes, we are in different times, but we just have to keep putting one foot ahead of the other.